Seaworld Trainer saved by Orca Takara

I came across this article shared on Facebook about how John Hargrove, a Seaworld Trainer that was saved by Orca Takara during an accident that had occurred during one of their practices.

The link for Hargrove’s personal recount is found in this link:

I was truly amazed as I read about how Takara tried to pull on the jam breaks, and went echo-locating immediately in the 12 meter deep pool to look for her partner. Additionally, it was mentioned that Takara even circled around Hargrove, emitting her powerful sonars to check on how he was doing. A dolphin’s echolocation is known to be able to penetrate through objects, it was as if Takara was giving him a full body check up.

This article had personally touched my heart as it reflects the relationship between trainer and the animal, as I reflect on my relationship with Shiye. It was my last day as a full-timer before I headed for university in my following week, and as I gave Shiye my last final goodbye in our last session for that day. I signalled for a hug to Shiye, and upon queue, that playful boy gently came into my arms. Unknowingly, Shiye began to turn to his side and rest comfortably in my arms as his left eye starred at me, this was something he had never done before. It was truly magical to be in the moment of trust and friendship. We’ve been through a lot together, more tough times (yea he gave me a really tough time when I first met him!), but even more precious times spent together as buddies (:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset038


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